Rifles, ATVs and 2 tons of pot found in bust involving 3 houses

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The following news release was sent by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

TUCSON - CBP Border Patrol Agents exposed a plot to smuggle over two tons of marijuana into the United States. Border Patrol agents assigned to Tucson Sector linked three houses in connection to the smuggling plot.

Last night, agents arrived at a residence on the Tohono O'odham Nation in response to reports of an overwhelming smell of marijuana coming from the residence. Further investigation of the property revealed that a shed along with a Dodge pick-up parked inside of it was used to conceal 142 bundles of marijuana and a .22 caliber rifle.A subsequent search of the home led to the discovery of a second .22 caliber rifle. The discovery at the residence started an investigation that led to identifying of two additional houses that were involved in drug and illegal alien trafficking. A search of these houses resulted in the seizure of two additional rifles, marijuana, two All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), battery chargers, solar panels, and a radio scanner.These are all tools frequently seized in connection with smuggling organizations.

Tucson Sector's Chief Gilbert stated, "This incident demonstrates that the old "mom and pop" drug and people smuggling businesses are long gone; it's now controlled by organized crime."< /p>

The seized marijuana weighted a little over 4,100 pounds with an approximate street value of over $3,352,880.00 and was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration. The Dodge truck, ATVs, and all four rifles were seized and turned over to the Tucson Sector Asset Forfeiture office.The four subjects that were arrested in conjunction with the marijuana seizure remain in custody pending their disposition.