Planes may have been destroyed in Glendale airport blaze

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Damage caused being assessed

GLENDALE - Firefighters in the West Valley had their hands full with a large overnight blaze.

Units from Glendale, Avondale, Phoenix, Peoria, El Mirage and Luke Air Force Base all responded to a hangar at the Glendale airport.

Firefighters said they had to cut into several of the hangars just to get to the flames and try and save the valuables inside.

Glendale Fire spokesperson Daniel Valenzuela tells 3TV, "I talked to one crew that actually had to climb over an airplane, but we realize in these types of hangars, not only do these people have airplanes, but they have their valuable collector's cars, RV's..."< /p>

The fire is under investigation. Investigators are now trying to figure out how much damage was caused. One hangar owner said it was likely several planes were destroyed.