Hausner denies being a murderer in videotaped interview

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Critical evidence: wire-tapped police tapes


PHOENIX -- Dale Hausner, the suspect accused of killing eight people in a Valley shooting spree, told police he was not involved in any of the murders.

Prosecutors played a videotaped interview in court Thursday that showed Hausner face to face with a Mesa detective, denying that he had anything to do with the Serial Shooter killings.

Hausner told detectives that while he may have a sick sense of humor, he is not a murderer.

"As far as actually doing something wrong, I have no history of violence," Hausner said. "I'm not a violent guy. I'm not a (expletive) idiot or a homicidal maniac or anything like that."

On the stand Thursday, one detective told the jury that there was no doubt in his mind that Hausner was involved in the shootings.


PHOENIX - Critical new evidence presented in the case against suspected serial shooter Dale Hausner appeared in court Tuesday.

Prosecutors used what appear to be Hausner's own words against him.

This new evidence has been crucial for the state's prosecution.

The secretly recorded police audio tapes, obtained just hours before Samuel Dieteman and Dale Hausner were arrested for the serial shooting series of attacks in 2005 and 2006, were authorized by County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

Thomas called for an emergency bug and wire tapping of the two men's Mesa apartment and Samuel Dieteman's telephone, during which the two men could reportedly be heard mocking police investigating the shootings.

Dieteman: Police just released this new bit of information that the sniper or serial shooter may circle around the area a couple of times to make sure there's no witnesses.

Hausner: You think? You dumb [expletive deleted.] It took them a year and a half to come up with that? Wow!

In one clip, Hausner allegedly further incriminates himself by claiming that police have a low estimate of the murders he has committed.

Dieteman: Phoenix and Mesa police have now officially linked the shooting death of a young Mesa woman to the serial killer, which now brings their total to 6.

Hausner: It's higher than that. What about the guy I [expletive deleted] shot on 27th Avenue in the backyard?

During these audio tapes, the men seem to acknowledge many of the shootings and speak with a lot of mockery and profanity.

In certain segments of the wire tapping, Hausner uses a sing-song cartoon voice.

Hausner is talking about police investigating and looking at serial shootings in other parts of the country, and alludes to the idea that they should be proud to be copycatted.

Hausner: We're being copycatted, Sam. We're pioneers, Sam. We're leading the way for a better way of life for everyone, Sam.

All the jurors wore headsets because some sections required attention and focus to understand what was being said.

Hausner also wore a headset, listening along with his lawyers, who tried vigorously to keep the audio tapes out of court.

Initially, Hausner's lawyers put County Attorney Andrew Thomas on the witness stand during a pre-trial hearing.

Thomas authorized the wiretapping and electronic bugging of the apartment, phone, and Hausner's car, which investigators believe was the car that the pair drove around in during and after many of the serial murders the rocked the Valley in 2005 and 2006.

The defense said that it was essentially inappropriate for Thomas to authorize these wiretappings.

These pieces of audio were eventually allowed to be introduced as evidence and the police officers who conducted the recordings were being cross-examined by Hausner's lawyers Tuesday afternoon.

The jury, by the end of the day, was able to hear all of the secretly-recorded police tapes.

The two most critical components in the state prosecution case are these audio tapes and the alleged accomplice in crime turning to help police officers; Dieteman is expected to testify and has pled guilty in the case.

Perhaps the most disturbing clip involves Hausner's young daughter, Becky, who suffers from a grave illness and was living with the two men at the time.

Hausner asks Becky to repeat things to Sam.

Hausner: Say Goodnight, Sam.

Becky: Goodnight, Sam.

Dieteman: Nighty night Becky

Hausner: See You in the morning.

Becky: See You in the morning.

Hausner: Say 'Don't kill anybody.'

Dieteman: In the morning, that's too early.

Becky: It's too early.

Hausner: Say 'Don't kill anybody.'

Becky: Don't kill anybody.

Dieteman: Oh, all right.

Hausner: I love shooting people in the back. It's so much fun. That [expletive deleted] old man I shot in the back [expletive deleted] all over the place.

Samuel Dieteman will testify against his former alleged partner in crime after the new year.