Details released in boxing-death of police officer

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PHOENIX -- The following is an excerpt from the Attorney General's Investigation:

On September the 16th, 2008 the Phoenix Police Department requested an inquiry into the death of Phoenix Police Officer Barry Scott.

This request was made to the Arizona Attorney General's Office through Arizona Attorney General Criminal Division Chief Counsel Don Conrad.

On September the 17th 2008 at approximately 8:00 AM Chief Agent Andy Rubalcava requested I conduct an inquiry into this officer's death.

On September the 17th , 2008 at 8:52 AM Phoenix Police Assistant Chief Anderson called me. He provided the information he learned concerning Officer Scott's death.

Scott was possibly sparring the day before the scheduled boxing match (September the 11th, 2008) and got punched on the head in the area above his right ear. It's unknown at this time, who Officer Scott's sparring partner was.

Officer Scott fought at Fort McDowell Indian Casino on Friday, September the 12th , 2008.

Assistant Chief Anderson received information that during the boxing match Officer Scott didn't appear to be himself, he seemed slow and not really into the boxing match.

Officer Scott was knocked down in the first and second rounds. The fight was stopped in the third round.

Officer Scott went to the boxers resting area and sat with his wife. Per Assistant Chief Anderson, Officer Scott complained of dizziness and nausea.

Officer Scott then collapsed into an unconscious state. The paramedics were called and transported Officer Scott to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital.

Emergency surgery was performed on Officer Scott's head to relieve the pressure discovered through a CAT scan.

Officer Scott was placed on life support and died Tuesday morning (September 16th , 2008).

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