DPS increasing speeds a driver can go before cams "flash"

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Fines for 6,400 people amount to 1 million

PHOENIX - No need to look far to find one of the 6,400 people upset by the rising amount of speed enforcement cameras around the Valley.

DPS has announced it was increasing the speed a driver can reach before being "flashed" by one of the photo radar cameras.

The increase is one mile per hour: from 10 to eleven.

If that new cutoff had been in place from mid-October through November, 6,400 people would have been spared the $165 fine.

Collectively, those fines amounted to more than a million dollars.

Although the speed allowed has increased, DPS is still installing more and more cameras through out the Valley.

Drivers on the Loop 303 may want to start slowing down for just that reason.

DPS is planning to deploy mobile cameras around Surprise near Cactus and Bell.

DPS says that area of the Loop 303 was selected because of a high number of serious injuries and fatal collisions.

Anyone driving eleven miles over the speed limit will be "flashed" and cited.