Caught on Tape: Tempe pastor tased and beaten by DPS

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Valley pastor tased by DPS on camera

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A Valley pastor was tased and roughed up by Department of Public Safety officers while cameras are rolling.

The pastor says he was exercising his fourth amendment right, when he was arrested.

Steven Anderson recorded the entire event with his own camcorder and he got that video on Wednesday as well as some of the border patrol surveillance video he now wants the world to see.

Anderson admits, "The first time I watched it, I almost threw up."

The home video shows Anderson having a run-in with DPS officers at a border patrol checkpoint in April. Anderson explains, "Just hearing the audio of the taser my blood curdling scream when they slam my head into the glass it made me physically ill."

This father of five says it all started as a routine border patrol stop then agents brought out their dog, which according to DPS records, provided probable cause for a secondary search but Anderson never made it that far.

He refused to get out of the car and you hear an officer warn, " Hey close your eyes."

According to DPS records a "plan was formulated" for an officer to break the front passenger side glass and deploy a taser on Anderson toincapacitate him while another officer broke the driver's window so Anderson could be subdued and the door unlocked.

Border Patrol surveillance video shows Anderson pulled from the car and taken away.

He says, "Because I won't let them search me and interrogate me for no reason, I'm basically brutalized."

Ultimately this Baptist pastor was arrested and charged with resisting an order and obstructing a highway, both of which are misdemeanors he intends to fight. He also received 11 stitches and a month later still has marks as reminders. He admits, "I'm sure I'll have some of these scars my whole life."

Now DPS has declined to comment on the video or the case at this time pending an internal investigation.