UPDATE: Cousins laid to rest after violent playground attack

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Cousins laid to rest in Tucson

PHOENIX - It has been weeks since two cousins were found beaten in a Phoenix playground and the two are in their final resting place.

Two small coffins carried 7-year old Jesse Ramirez and 10-year-old Edwin Pellicier into a Tucson church on Saturday.

The boys' mothers, with their sons' stuffed animals, followed close behind comforted by 250 friends and family members...

Police say 36-year-old Joe Gallegos beat Jesse Ramirez and Edwin Pellicier with a baseball bat on December 23.

A mariachi band serenaded the traditional Catholic funeral while loved ones said goodbye.

However, friends say they are struggling to make sense of the senseless act. The priest told those at the service, "You think about it and you think about where the world is turning to. It's an unspeakable crime against innocent life and that's why it hurts so much."

Gallegos faces murder charges in connection to the boy's deaths. His family members say he is schizophrenic.