Mesa officers investigated on misconduct charges involving violence, fetus

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MESA - There are some disturbing accusations about a Valley police officer.


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There are two completely separate cases of misconduct being investigated by the Mesa Police Department and both of them, coincidentally involve the same officer.

Nicholas Webster has been with the police force since April 15, 2004.There is surveillance video taken outside the Mesa jail on May 16 where he is grabbing a suspect by the neck and slamming his face onto the trunk of the car. After a few seconds Webster then slams the guy against a chain link fence several times.

Police higher-ups only found out about this late Tuesday.

Sean Ikem-Okoli had been arrested for public urination and jaywalking. It is unclear why the officer reacted this way.

The officer is now on paid leave as the department and county prosecutors conduct a criminal and internal investigation.

The second story of misconduct is very different and very disturbing. Four officers and several firefighters were called out to the Motel 6 off Country Club and Hampton about a possible miscarriage. When officers arrived they found blood on the sheets and a fetus about four inches long, probably carried for about 12 weeks. The mother was taken to the hospital.

The boyfriend or husband there was arrested for drug charges and an outstanding warrant.

Then, unclear what to do with the fetus, both the firefighters and police officers called their supervisors who told them to leave it there. That is when Webster reportedly flushed it down the toilet.