Former student now instructor of gaming class at ASU

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Geoffrey Wall says, "It's a lot of fun to be able to give back because I learned so much when I was in the program and so to be able to pass that on is awesome."


9 p.m. Extra: Camp Game

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Wall is teaching young minds about video game design and development at an Arizona State University summer program called Camp Game.

Wall explains, "They're normally pretty surprised and a lot of times I have to explain to them what exactly it is that I do." A lot of people are surprised that Wall, an 18-year-old, went from Camp Game student to Camp Game teacher all before entering college this fall at ASU.

Ashish Amresh, a Camp Game instructor, says, "Every camp we choose one outstanding person who's mastered everything and Geoff was that person in 2007 and usually what we do is we invite the award winners to come back to the next camp and do the teacher assistant roles."

Wall admits, "Coming into the camp, I was excited about it, but after completing the camp I just fell in love with the industry and I knew this is what I wanted to do." He says he believes he was able to excel so quickly in the video game world thanks to the flexibility of his high school courses. Wall just graduated from a public virtual school called Arizona Connections Academy.

Amresh says, "This year he's actually running the camp by himself so he's got to the point where I don't even have to be here." He adds that Wall is definitely making a difference at such a young age. "He's one of the trendsetters in his generation."

Now teaching is not the only thing Wall is doing. He is working with others to write a textbook on video game development and is also in the process of creating his own

game. He admits, "It's insane to be able to do this now." That is why Wall says age should not be a factor in pursuing your dreams. He advises to, "Go for it!" He adds, "I get to get up today and go work in this industry and teach these students in these industry as well."

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