Injured man paid for disability insurance but isn't receiving benefits

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PHOENIX -- An East Valley man says he's being shortchanged by his insurance company so he contacted 3 On Your Side for some help.

A Valley man says he purchased disability insurance so just in case he ever became disabled and couldn't work, he would still be able to pay his bills.

That's what the insurance is for, but he claims the insurance company hasn't coughed up a dime.

Charles Resendez considers himself extremely lucky. In early July, he went to the emergency room for severe stomach pains only to find out he had a blood clot and immediately underwent emergency surgery.

"I could have died because of it," Resendez said.

Resendez spent several weeks in the hospital. Some of that time was in intensive care.

Although he's out now, his doctor won't release Resendez to return to work as a cement truck driver, which means he hasn't earned a paycheck for more than a month.

So, it's a good thing Resendez had disability insurance with Aflac. That's the company with that wacky duck in its commercials.

Resendez's policy says that Aflac will pay him $1,700 a month if he becomes disabled, but after submitting all his paperwork, Resendez says he hasn't seen a nickel from Aflac and his checking account is overdrawn.

"Right now, I'm negative in the bank because they are not coming through," he said. "I'm in the hole."

3 On Your Side contacted Aflac Insurance. They tell us Resendez's case is still under review, but there's a snag because one of Resendez's doctors indicated he had anxiety and anxiety is not covered under Aflac's disability insurance.

Resendez says he's disgusted. He paid his monthly premiums for disability insurance and now when he needs it the most, he doesn't have it.

"They sure are quick to take your money but to part with theirs, they don't like it," he said.

In a statement late today, an Aflac spokesman tells me they are still reviewing Resendez's claim and have not denied it. It's still an open case.

They are actually waiting on paperwork from a second doctor involved and what that doctor says will be the deciding factor if Resendez receives his benefits.

In the meantime, Resendez says things have really started to move since we got involved. We'll wait and see what Aflac will do.