Teen mom left baby in school trash can, charges possible

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UPDATE: Wednesday morning

PHOENIX -- A baby who was found wailing in a trash can at a Valley middle school and his teen mother were in the hospital Wednesday, and the mother could be facing child abuse charges.

How did she give birth and noboby knew?

The principal of Osborn Middle School, which is at 11th Avenue and Highland, found the baby Tuesday evening after hearing him screaming.

Officials said the baby was full term. It's believed that he was actually born on campus. He still had the umbilical cord attached when the principal found him.

Investigators later located the 14-year-old mother.

According to the school, the teen had gone to the nurse's office, complaining of stomach cramps. The nurse said the eighth grader did not appear to be pregnant.

The nurse reportedly contacted the girl's parents to tell them their daughter was not feeling well. They did not seem to know about the pregnancy, either.

The teen gave birth a short time later not far from the nurse's office. School officials said the girl was alone at the time.

The 14-year-old could face charges of child abuse because she allegedly left the baby in the trash a few feet from where she gave birth.

Under the , had the baby been left at a hospital, church or fire department, no questions would have been asked and no charges filed.

The baby was in good health when he was discovered and is expected to be OK.


PHOENIX -- Phoenix Police responded to Osborn Middle School at 5:35pm Tuesday evening.

The report was that someone had left a newborn baby in a trash can outside the administrative offices of the school.

An administrator was walking by and heard the baby crying. The baby was rescued by the administrator as police and fire responded.

It is believed that the 14 year old mother had the baby in the middle school and left the baby in the trash can.

The baby was taken to St. Joe's hospital in good health, and it is now in CPS custody.

The Fire Department located the mother at a nearby apartment shortly afterwards and she was taken to a hospital in good condition.

Police say due to the abandonment of the baby in a life threatening situation, investigators will do a possible child abuse report and submit it to the attorney's office for review.