Good news for skiers: Sunrise, Snowbowl open

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PHOENIX -- All the snow in the high country is good news for skiers.

Skiing season in state starting

Sunrise Park Resort is planning to open Friday.

Sunrise received 18 inches to 25 inches of new snow through the week.

Arizona Snowbowl is planning to open Saturday. The area received a total of about 25 inches of snow from the last storm that came through the area.

With all the snow that has fallenl, Northern Arizona is experiencing icy and slippery road surfaces. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is advising motorists to be careful while driving in the high country.

The next round of measurable snowfall is expected next week.

Spokesman Harold A. Sanders said snow chains are required north of Payson and rock slides are occurring on State Routes 87 and 260.

He also warned that the roadways are icy around and north of the Strawberry-Pine area.

Sanders said in order to prevent loss of control on slick roadways, motorists should greatly slow their travel speeds to maintain control of the vehicle, allow for greater following distances, perform gradual braking, do not slam on the brakes, keep the steering straight and do not jerk the wheel quickly. Slowing down and keeping the steering straight will allow the vehicle to come to a safe stop and avoid a collision. If your vehicle goes into a skid, slow down and steer gradually into the direction of the skid to regain control.

When planning a trip, Sanders said to check the weather forecast, carry plenty of food and water, and have a fully charged cellular phone with you.

He also advised allowing plenty of travel time due to inclement weather, road closures, traffic re-routing and temporary road closures due to collisions.

For weather and road condition updates, the following resources are available:

Arizona Department of Emergency Management Info Line Dial 2-1-1 Visit

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Info Line Dial 5-1-1 Visit or