Family's belongings arrive 3 months after move

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PHOENIX -- A moving company promised 3 On Your Side to deliver some long overdue items, but did they arrive?

We always like to see if a company is true to its word. In this particular case, the company we're talking about is called Authorized Movers.
The company was supposed to move a woman and her daughter from West Virginia all the way to Phoenix. But although they arrived, their furniture did not.

As a result, Authorized Movers said they would make things right.

Dawn Riggie was upset after she paid authorized movers $1,500 to move her and her daughter cross-country more than three months ago and they still didn't have their things.

"All I came with was what fit in the back of my Civic," Riggie said.

After sleeping on an air mattress and having an empty closet for more than three months and still not getting any answers from Authorized Movers, Riggie decided to contact 3 On Your Side.

"I didn't know what else to do," she said. "I was at the end of my rope."

3 On Your Side contacted Authorized Movers and we were referred to the claims department based in Anthem. The company admitted there was a mix-up, but after we contacted them, they did located Riggie's items.

The day after Riggie's story aired, her things arrived.

"The closet's not empty anymore," she said. "Now we have a bed."

With a full closet, a real bed to sleep in along with her many other household essentials, Riggie says after three months of being here in Arizona, finally, "it feels like home now!"

And Riggie says she doesn't think it would have happened without the help of 3 On Your Side.

The claims department for Authorized Movers told 3 On Your Side they would even reimburse Riggie the full $1,500 for the three-month delay.

Although that reimbursement hasn't happened, Authorized Movers says it will as soon as Riggie fills out the appropriate paperwork.