State issues high ozone advisory for today

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April's forecast

The heat is on! - We're looking at the first 100-degree day of the year today, says's April Warnecke, but we should be back down to the upper 80s by the weekend.

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PHOENIX -- A high ozone watch is in effect for Wednesday.

Ozone levels are expected to approach federal standards, not exceed them, but Valley residents are still asked to reduce driving, carpool, refuel after dark, and refrain from using gas equipment.


PHOENIX -- The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has issued a High Pollution Advisory for Tuesday for the metro Phoenix-area because weather conditions are expected to cause unhealthy levels of ozone.

ADEQ recommends that children and adults with breathing problems avoid outdoor activities after noon on Tuesday.

Health officials suggest limiting outdoor activity during the afternoon, when ozone concentrations will be peaking.

Residents are urged to drive as little as possible, car pool or use mass transit.

The state recommends refueling vehicles after 4 p.m., avoid idling your vehicle and avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment during the advisory.

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