Woman billed for "free" replacement cell phone

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman says she's having an ongoing billing problem with AT&T so she contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

This billing problem has been going on for months and it all centers around a broken cell phone.

Jodi O'Connor says when her cell phone stopped working, AT&T was supposed to fix it for no charge. But no charge quickly turned into a $65 charge.

For O'Connor, her cell phone is her lifeline to her family.

"If my father needs to get a hold of me, he can reach me on my cell phone 24/7 no matter where I am," she said.

But earlier this year O'Connor's cell phone stopped working so she sent it in to AT&T to get it repaired.

In return AT&T mailed her a new phone.

"It's great," she said. "It's got everything on there that I want -- a camera, speakerphone -- it's perfect."

But not long after getting that phone, O'Connor got something else from AT&T. It was a $65 charge added to her bill for that new phone.

"Where's the customer service?" O'Connor asked.

The problem? Well, AT&T's warranty department claims that O'Connor shouldn't be charged $65, that's why they sent her that new phone.

But AT&T's billing department claims O'Connor should pay for the new phone and keeps putting that $65 charge back on her bill every time it's removed.

The on-again off-again charge has been going on for months and it's driving O'Connor bananas.

"I just want some peace of mind," she said. "This is totally stressing me out."

AT&T investigated the situation for 3 On Your Side and tells us that O'Connor actually does owe them $65 because the phone was physically damaged and not covered under warranty.

However, out of good customer service, AT&T agreed to waive the $65 charge, which is good news to O'Connor.

"3 On Your Side seems to be able to get satisfaction done for the little people," O'Connor said.

Again, AT&T didn't have to waive that $65 charge, but they did and I think that speaks volumes about their customer service.