Steelers' Tomlin blends Noll, Cowher qualities

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PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Now that Pittsburgh is headed to its seventh Super Bowl, each of the Steelers' three coaches in the last 40 years has taken them there.

Chuck Noll first got there in his sixth season in 1974, Bill Cowher in his fourth. Mike Tomlin needed only two years after unexpectedly being hired for one of the best-known coaching jobs in American pro sports.

If the Steelers win, Tomlin will be the youngest Super Bowl-winning coach at age 36.

Still, Tomlin is as much an old-school coach like Noll as he is a contemporary coach like Cowher, who was also in his mid-30s when Pittsburgh hired him in 1992.

Tomlin demands his players be on time for everything and practice with a purpose.