Border Patrol seizes almost five tons of pot

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Tons of pot seized

TUCSON - The following is a press release from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol:

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents seized nearly five tons of marijuana this weekend in three different incidents.Using the right mix of resources, enforcement techniques and air assets, agents prevented over 9,300 lbs. of marijuana from reaching our communities.

Late Sunday evening, a CBP Air and Marine helicopter observed two vehicles traveling north from the International Boundary Fence, Border Patrol Agents on the ground were able to interdict both pick up trucks.A third vehicle was located and intercept by agents utilizing an infrared scope just north of the location where the two trucks were intercepted. A total of 502 bundles of marijuana weighing 6,792 lbs. were seized from the three vehicles with an estimate value of $5,433,600. It was determined that smugglers used ramps to travel over the barriers placed on the international boundary.Mexican Authorities were contacted in order to seize a vehicle with ramps on the south side of the International Boundary Fence. The marijuana was turned over to Drug Enforcement Administration. (Photos Available)

Later that same evening, agents assigned to the Casa Grande All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) discovered vehicle tire sign traveling off a main road into the desert. Agents followed the sign and encountered an abandoned Dodge pick up truck. A search of the vehicle produced 70 bundles of marijuana weighing 1,757 lbs. with an estimated value of $1,405,600.00. The vehicle had been reported stolen in Mexico.

On Friday night, agents from the Casa Grande Station utilizing an infrared scope observed several individuals making their way north from the international boundary.As agents moved to intercept the group, all of the individuals dropped what they were carrying and absconded back into Mexico.A search of the area revealed 15 bundles of marijuana weighing 804 lbs, with an approximate street value of $643,200.00.The marijuana was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The Tucson Sector is well on its way to seizing one million pounds of marijuana this fiscal year.Chief Gilbert said, " These seizures demonstrate the effectiveness of multi-layered enforcement efforts from line watch activities, roving patrols and the assistance of Air and Marine Assets within the Tucson Sector." In the first five months of Fiscal Year 2009 the Tucson Sector has seized over a half a million pounds of marijuana.