Mom helps teen daughter beat up another girl in video

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Video shows mom helping teen during fight

PHOENIX - A mother allegedly helped her teenage daughter in a fight outside a Mesa convenience store.

That mother now faces aggravated assault charges. Witnesses say 38-year-old Kathleen Kirgan was encouraging the teens to fight and investigators say the teenaged girls were fighting over a boy.

3TV obtained surveillance video from a Circle K located near Southern and Horne in Mesa. In the video you see two teens leave the convenience store and as they leave they are confronted by a group of individuals.

What starts as a verbal altercation, quickly escalates. Investigators say the woman in the video wearing a blue shirt is Kirgan.

A Mesa Police spokesperson tells 3TV, "You don't see her separating them or trying to stop the fight, you see her more involved in it."

Kirgan allegedly also grabbed one of the teens. Police say, "She was egging her daughter on to continue fighting. You would think that the adult in the situation would take charge and make sure the kids stop fighting as oppose to instigating her daughter to hit the victim again."

Several people witnessed the fight. Afterwards you can see in the video that the group disperses. On Wednesday both Kirgan and her daughter were arrested.

Kirgan told officers she helped her daughter beat up the girl because her daughter's boyfriend was cheating on her with the other girl.

If you would like to watch the video in its entirety, click here.