Intoxicated dad arrested after toddler found in street

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The following is a press release from the Prescott Police Department:

PRESCOTT -- On September 17, 2008 at approximately 5:15 p.m., a Prescott woman was driving in the area of 300 Park Avenue when she spotted a small child standing in the middle of the road. The woman immediately stopped her vehicle and grabbed the child. She took the one year old girl to the side of the road and attempted to locate the person responsible for the care of the child.

A few minutes later, the woman located a three year old in the front yard of house just a short distance from where she located the one year old. At that point, she noticed a man sleeping in a lawn chair in front of the same house where the three year old boy was playing. The woman repeatedly called to the man who was unresponsive. After several more attempts to wake the man, he responded. At that point, he took the one year old and three year old into the house. The woman later told the police he smelled like alcohol and he was staggering.

Prescott Police Officers arrived at the home and knocked on the front door for several minutes. They saw the children inside; however, they did not see any sign of an adult. The three year old unlocked the front door and the officers entered the home. They called to the man several times, with no response. The officers walked through the house and found the man passed out on a bed. They also had a difficult time waking him. After several attempts the man responded and according to the officers he was very intoxicated. The officers called the children's grandmother and she took custody of the children. The mother of the children was at work.

The man who was responsible for the children is their father, James David Wayne Taylor, age 39. A preliminary breath test indicated Mr. Taylor had a BAC of .272%; this is almost three and a half times the legal limit to drive in Arizona.

James Taylor was arrested for two counts of Endangerment.