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"We age, so at that point once you go to the store, you just want more and more, admits Carmen. She is trying to keep her youthful look by using Botox cosmetic.


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She has been smoothing out the wrinkles near her eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead and eyes for the last four years. She says, "It was a little painful, but you would eventually see the outcome within a few days."

While Carmen's procedure had great results with Botox, she now has a choice when it comes to battling those wrinkles. The second Federal Drug Administration (FDA) wrinkle treatment to be approved is called Dysport.

Dr. Veronica Boyer explains, "It's Botox's competitor in the U.S. Now Dysport is very similar in it's the same protein that Botox cosmetic uses and it helps to relax the facial muscles."

Naturopathic Physician Boyer, with Derma Health Institute of Mesa started using the product at her place just a few weeks ago. She explains, "Say that they have a lot of lines and wrinkles that they want to get rid of, I might be more prone to use Dysport. The reason is because if we put a lot of Botox cosmetic in there, I'm afraid that they'll get that waxy look."

While it's only been on the market for a short while Dr. Boyer says she can already see some differences with patients using Dysport. Dr. Boyer says, "I believe there's a softer look to it and there's a possibility of it lasting a little bit longer."

Right now both Dysport and Botox treatments can reportedly last up to four months.

Carmen admits, "I did notice it was a lot less painful and I also noticed something very significant with Botox. You get a crunchy effect in the forehead. I did not feel that at all."

Carmen adds, "Another advantage that the doctor mentioned was it has a more natural appearance." The doctor says that using Dysport may bring the results you are looking for a lot quicker.

Dr. Boyer says, "Clinical studies state about three days, however, personally I've seen it take effect as quickly as three to four hours and the full effect in 36 hours."

Carmen admits, "I think if it gives me the results immediately and they do last longer, absolutely I would change to this new product."

3TV just talked to Carmen and she says she could see the results the next day and suffered no side effects.

Now as far as price goes, Dysport is expected to cost less, but it all depends upon units required for the same effect as Botox.

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