Precision parking every time

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Good Method -- Materials:

-Tennis Ball

-Eye Hooks


Watch the segment


-Twist eye hook into tennis ball

-Tie string around eye hook in the tennis ball

-Screw other eye hook into garage ceiling

**Directly above the windshield in the exact position to stop the car in the perfect place**

Better Method -- Materials:

-4x4 piece of wood cut to the width of your car, tire to tire

-Industrial strength Velcro or concrete anchors, to secure new curb to the floor

-Black paint

-Yellow electrical tape


-Cut 4x4 (or have it cut at The Home Depot) to 6' or the width of your car, tire to tire

-Paint all sides black

-Wrap the yellow electrical tape around the black 4x4 to get the "CAUTION" look

-Place on the floor in the garage in front of the tires, where you need to stop every time.

-Secure 4x4 to the floor with industrial strength Velcro or actually anchor it to the floor

Best Method -- Materials:

-Park Zone Ultrasonic Parking Device

-Drill with screwdriver bit


-Tape measure

-AA batteries (4)


-Park your car in the desired location in your garage

-Determine the proper height so the display unit will be in the driver's field of vision

-Once height is determined for the display unit, mount the sensor directly below.

-Use the included template and screws to mount the display unit and the sensor

-Different vehicles will trigger the sensor at different heights, so the heights may vary

-With both units securely mounted, connect the units with the cable cord

-Load AA batteries (not included)

-With the unit installed and the cord in place,

-Depress the ON/OFF activation button on the top of the display unit.

-Make sure the path between the vehicle and the sensor unit is clear of obstructions, bicycle, trash can

-There must be at least 3 feet of clear space to the right and left of the units

-The flashing of the 3 colored LED's in sequence, red, yellow, green, indicates the unit has been successfully calibrated and the distance has been set in the memory.

-Parki Zone is now set to guide you into your garage perfectly every time you park your car.