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Q. I've heard of spam before, but recently someone on the radio mentioned something called v-spam. Do you know what that is, Mr. M?

A. V-spam is a dangerous strain of "virus spam" that is designed to deceive recipients, causing them to invite viruses into their computers. Virus spam, or v-spam, attempts to circumvent anti-virus protection by enticing users to click a Web site link contained in an email, which then delivers a virus. Popular versions of v-spam are included in emails offering the chance to unsubscribe to unsolicited newsletters by clicking a link, or messages with links to "unbeatable offers," or email that encourages users to download festive greeting cards or adult-oriented material.

The key to avoiding infection from this v-scourge is simple: Be alert, always think before you click, and never, ever interact with spam in any way -- other than to delete it.

Q. How can I delete more than one message at a time? I'v e got several hundred junk emails that I need to get rid of. Thanks, Mr. M.

A. You can delete multiple messages at one time, rather than laboriously deleting each one individually, by clicking the first email to be deleted as it appears in your Inbox. Then, hold down the SHIFT key and click the last email you want to delete. All messages between the first and the last email selected will be highlighted. Press the DELete key to vaporize them.

If you need to delete non-contiguous messages, meaning one message here, one message there, a process that is referred to as cherry-picking, hold down the CTRL key instead of the SHIFT key, and click only the messages you want to delete. Once your selected messages are highlighted, press the DELete key.

Q. How can I keep words together at the end of a line? For example, I want to keep the name "Santa Rosa" together rather than having "Santa" at the end of one line, and "Rosa" at the start of the next line.

A. When you're using Word or WordPerfect and you get to the end of a line, there may be occasions when you'll want to keep two words together on the same line, such as your Santa Rosa example. To tie the two words together so they won't span two lines, if you're using Word, press CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE after typing the first word, and in WordPerfect, press CTRL + SPACE.

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