ASU grads still talking about President Obama's speech

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President Obama addresses thousands at ASU stadium

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TEMPE - (AP) -- President Barack Obama told a crowd of about 70,000 inside Tempe's Sun Devil Stadium that Arizona State University shares a core mission with his presidency -- opening the doors of opportunity for everyone.

Obama thanked the university for naming a scholarship after him and says he hopes the program serves as a model for universities nationwide.

Obama also apologized for stealing the state's former governor, Janet Napolitano, but says she's now applying her talents to serve as the nation's secretary of Homeland Security, and "she's doing a great job."

When Obama was introduced, he was greeted with a screaming crowd and thousands of camera flashes.

The crowd braved bumper-to-bumper traffic, $20 parking, long lines and sweltering heat to hear Obama speak. At least 95 people had to be treated outside the stadium for heat-related illnesses that weren't life-threatening.

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Most people say seeing Obama was worth the wait and the high temperatures.