Fall in love adoption special

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The Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA invites you to "fall in love" this February with an animal that has been at the Adoption Center for more than 20 days!

We think 20 days is too long to find true love - for our four legged friends, anyway! Come to the Adoption Center and find your perfect partner. If that animal has been here for more than 20 days then their adoption fee is 20% off! Whether you are a dog person or a cat person - we have the match for you.

All pets are current on all of their vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. All of our cats are tested for feline leukemia, too.

At your adoption, you will talk to a trained adoption counselor to make the transition into your home as smooth as possible. Your adoption counselor will go over the new pet's medical history, as well as provide you with medical records so that you can continue keeping your furry friend healthy for years to come. Every adoption also includes a free veterinary exam certificate (with participating vets) as well as a personality profile.

For additional questions feel free to call us at 602-273-6852 or visit us online at www.aawl.org. To "fall in love" in person, come visit our Adoption Center at 30 N. 40th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85034.