Propane tank explodes; dad and son seriously injured

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Father and son injured in explosion

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PHOENIX - A blast rocks a west Valley neighborhood and now two men are in the hospital.

Their backyard was the scene of a big explosion at a house on the corner of Topeka and 35th Avenue.

3TV talked to a family member who raced to the scene as soon as he heard about the fire. He says his dad and his brother were working on the water heater in the back when something sparked the propane tank and it exploded.

The backyard is charred from the 250-pound propane tank that exploded. The 61-year-old father was flown to a nearby burn unit. His burns are being called serious.

The 30-year old son was burned as well and taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Doug Palmer says his dad was likely 30 or so feet from the tank when it blew and his brother probably not far behind.

The explosion was massive. One neighbor said it sounded like a loud car crash. Kenny Jones says the flames sent pieces of the tree from that backyard shooting into the air.

The burned leaves floated all the way across the road.

Doug must now wait and hope he will hear good news about his father and brother.