Protesters want supervisors to take action against Arpaio

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MARICOPA COUNTY -- Hundreds of protesters said in no uncertain terms that they've had it with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and they want the County Board of Supervisors to take action.

Protesters gather

A group called Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability, a new coalition of community groups, labor unions and religious leaders, packed county chambers Wednesday to speak out against Arpaio.

They believe the sheriff is wasting taxpayers' money and putting the safety of citizens at risk with his illegal immigration sweeps.

They blame the board for allowing it to happen.

The group said it wants to meet with Board Supervisor Any Kunasek, but said they have not gotten a response.

"Our question to them and Supervisor Kunasek, 'What is your threshold for injustice? What has to happen for you to speak out, to break free and have your own voice and represent your constituencies from your district?" said Parraez.

"We have sent letters. We have participated in meetings," said another protester. "We have marched. We will do what we have to do until our voices are heard. These are our people, this is our money and we want justice."

District 1 Supervisor Fulton Brock said he would gladly meet with the head of the protesters to talk through the issues.

Arpaio said he'll continue to arrest illegal immigrants regardless of the critics and protesters are wasting their time by complaining to the supervisors.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.