Dirt-cheap grocery deals

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MESA -- We all know food prices are up these days, but 3 On Your Side has a dirt-cheap deal when it comes to feeding your family.

Let's face it. We all know it's more expensive to feed our families these days, but I found a food warehouse here in the Valley that sells everything your local grocery store does, except food prices are 40 percent to 90 percent off.

"What we do is find great deals and pass our savings on to our customers," John Dekkers said.


American Discount Foods 308 S. Extension Road, #108 Mesa 480-649-4495

Dekkers owns an East Valley food warehouse called American Discount Foods. It's a place where you can definitely slash your grocery bill.

"Everything is about half of what a regular grocery store would be," Dekkers said.

American Discount Foods has just about everything your regular grocery store has -- produce, dairy, bread, and snacks for the kids. The only difference is the price.

The Mesa store even has meat -- and plenty of it.

"Boneless, skinless chicken breast we've got for 99 cents or Hillshire Farms smoked sausage," Dekkers said.

By the way, that's not 99 cents a pound. It's 99 cents for the entire package of chicken or sausage link.

That's a dirt-cheap deal.

Dekkers said he buys items from the same warehouses that grocery stores do, but the catch is he buys items that grocery stores reject. Things like canned goods that are scratched or dented or brands that recently changed their packaging or food that is not expired but approaching its expiration date.

"Sometimes in these warehouses they damage a lot of the product," he said. "Something will fall and will spill and only the outer box is messed up and we will get the product. There are a lot of different reasons we get a product."

Velesha Hopper has three kids and just found out about American Discount Foods.

"Other grocery stores' bread's really expensive compared to here," she said. "You can get two loaves for $1!"

While Dekkers keeps his 40,000-square-foot warehouse stocked as much as he can, he admits his store doesn't have every single item you might be looking for.

"Like for instance today I don't have milk," he said. "I won't go out to buy a product just to put it on the shelf. I only buy deals."

But the warehouse does carry glassware like wine glasses and shot glasses -- stuff restaurants would buy. They also have plates, silverware, paper goods and cleaning supplies all at discounted prices.

"Like this glass, if you looked it up online it would probably be $3 to $4," Dekkers said. "We have it for $1.25."

Sharla Stocker has 10 kids and learned long ago how important saving money is. That's exactly why she started shopping here five years ago.

And Dekkers promises that even with the economy slumping, his prices won't be rising.

"I really want to do something where I can help people," he said. "I'm Dutch and Dutch people are known for saving money and so we want to pass it on to other people as well."

By the way, I checked out American Discount Foods with the Health Department and all of their inspections are nearly perfect across the board.