Car plows into occupied bus stop, driver talks to 3TV

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Driver speaks

PHOENIX -- It's video that making headlines all over the world.

"I got TruTV calling me, Maury, they want to air it on their show" says Gilbert Barraota, who owns the surveillance camera that captured dramatic video of a car plowing into a south Phoenix bus stop critically injuring two people.

Today the driver of the car is speaking out about the accident for the first time, she asked us not to show her face.

[Translated]"It happened so fast, I was so nervous. I'm still in schock."

The video shows the car crossing onto the sidewalk and into the bus stop at 7th street and Roeser.

The driver says that someone cut her off as she was trying to make a right turn and that caused her to lose control of the car, but Phoenix Police say no other car was involved and that the woman simply failed to yield.

One of the victims is a 64 year old man who up until recently used to live at a senior community in south Phoenix.

Mildred Amey knows him well. She says the victm had been beaten up at that same bus stop just two days before the crash.

At last check the 64 year old victim and the other woman who was injured are still in the hospital..