High-profile businessman shot in head, killed in N. Phnx

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PHOENIX - There are still more questions than answers about a murder in the home of a high-profile businessman.

Friends shocked at news of homicide

It happened in the early morning hours on Monday near 7th Avenue and Carefree. Although authorities are not releasing the victim's name until his mother is contacted in Canada, friends of the victim have told 3TV his name.

He was a man who loved everything to do with motorcycles. He and his girlfriend used to own the largest Titan dealership in Florida. They were both scheduled to board a flight to Florida on Monday.

Gary Green tells 3TV, "You wake up in the morning to find your friend got murdered. Doesn't make for a very good day." Green says he rushed over Monday morning when he saw his friend's home on the news. He had to be the one to break it to his other buddy that their friend, Andrew Donald Proudfoot, was dead.

Now both men wait to be interviewed by detectives who have taped off the entrance to their friend's home. Authorities confirm a man was shot and killed inside a home off Irvine and 7th Avenue and that a woman called 911 at 4:30 Monday morning.

Friends tell 3TV the home belonged to Proudfoot and his girlfriend, Hope Smith, and that it was mostly likely her who made the call.

Green tells 3TV he had just had dinner with the couple Sunday night. "They were in a great mood...getting excited to be out of town for a few weeks over Christmas." He says the couple had finally sold the Titan business and were relieved to be rid of that type of pressure. They were also looking forward to starting new ventures in Florida.

No person of interest has been identified and authorities would not reveal whether there were signs of forced entry.