Arrest made in shooting that killed innocent man

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Suspect caught in shooting that killed innocent man

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PHOENIX - Two months after a Valley man was gunned down in an apparent random shooting in broad daylight police arrested a suspect on Tuesday.

A SWAT team made not one but two calls to a home near 20th Street and Southern Tuesday morning. On the second call they found the young man they were looking for.

Arkeem Coleman, 17, was pulled from an attic and arrested to face murder charges.

His sister, Schevette Suell, came to his defense saying, "I would hide too! Five-hundred police hiding outside with gunsI take that personal."

The case Coleman has been tied to is also very personal for another Valley family. On March 23r a stray bullet struck and killed Gilbert Leon as he drove home from lunch with his young nephew.

At the time police said Leon was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. The 54-year-old had recently retired from the Central Arizona Project and had spent time in the military.

Officer James Holmes, with Phoenix Police says, "What we're hoping at this time is that we'll be able to bring Mr. Leon's family some least one of the persons involved in that homicide."

Now two months later, one of his alleged killers is finally in custody.