Lowest gas prices during month of July in last 4 years

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PHOENIX - There is some good news at the pumps because gas prices are the lowest they have been in four years for the month of July.


Gas prices this July a lot less than last year - azfamily.com's Ryan O'Donnell reports gas prices during the month of July are lowest in four years.

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It was last summer at this time when 3TV would pull into a gas station and cringe because the number would be $3-something.

Filling up at the pump is not as painful as it has been in previous summers. Erica Velasco, a Phoenix driver says, "You're expecting them to go up, but they didn't."

She topped off and saved about $10 compared to what she paid last July. She tells 3TV, "It's refreshing when you see them go down, when you see them better than last year, you're like, 'Ok, it's not going to be as bad."

Right now gas prices are the cheapest they have been for the month of July in the past four years.

Linda Gorman, with AAA, explains, "Demand for gasoline continues to be depressed over a year ago's level, which has caused a very healthy supply of oil and gasoline."

Gorman tells 3TV people are driving less and not taking those long road trips and there has not been a lot of weather action in the Gulf of Mexico. She explains, "We haven't had any refinery issues and it's been a very quiet season in terms of hurricanes thus far."

While the average price per gallon of unleaded gas is $2.54 in Arizona, 3TV found a couple of places selling it cheaper. One was a gas station off Baseline and Alma School Road in Mesa is at $2.49 and on east Thomas and 16th Street in Phoenix is $2.35.

Velasco reveals, "I think if they stay around this area, like the level that they're at, I think everybody will be excited. I'll be excited."

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