Teen suffers life-threatening injuries in drive-by shooting

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Police not sure if teen was target

PHOENIX - A teenager has been shot in a drive-by shooting police consider to be gang related.

3TV has learned the victim is 14 years old and at this point officers are not sure if the teen was targeted, or if this was a random attack.

Witnesses say they heard several gunshots at an apartment complex near 15 th Avenue and Peoria on Sunday afternoon.

A police spokesperson tells 3TV, "The scene was very chaoticp eople running like crazy."

One bullet hit the young victim in his head and a neighbor rushed over to help.

Edward Habecker explains, "I pushed on his back, he started breathing, turned head over, used a towel to keep the bullet hole from bleeding out."

Officers sealed off the neighborhood and shut down streets around the apartment complex. They also interviewed several people who witnessed the drive-by. Witnesses say they saw a dark car speeding away from the scene. Some told 3TV the vehicle was a Malibu but it was going too fast to get a license plate number.

People living in the area tell 3TV drive-by shootings in this neighborhood packed with children have become too common.

The neighbor said, "They can't get out and do it man to manhave to shoot guns in the air?They don't care.''

The teen victim suffered life-threatening injuries. Officers say they are searching for the dark car seen speeding away from the scene.