Phoenix nixing early, late bus service to cut budget

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PHOENIX -- Thousands of bus riders throughout the Valley will have to find a new ride in the early morning and late night hours.

3,600 people affected

In an effort to tri the budget, the Phoenix City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to eliminate all bus trips between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

In addition, Saturday service will be reduced 24 percent to match Sunday service.

The cutbacks will affect some 3,600 people.

The move is expect to save the city nearly $7.5 million between now and mid 2010.

The new reduced bus hours go into effect on Dec. 29.

The hope is that the soon-to-be-running Light Rail can pick up the slack of some of those slashed trips.

The city said it's possible that they might reinstate the 172 weekday trips that are being dropped when the economy improves.