Store owes Valley man balance from piano sale

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PHOENIX -- A Valley man had a consignment store sell his piano, but he says he's still waiting to get back money from the sale.

We're talking about $6,500. It's a lot of money.

The piano actually sold for $10,000, but after the store took its 35 percent cut, Chris Mace was supposed to get the balance.

Well, he says it's been more than three months and Mace says the consignment store still hasn't sent him his money.

Mace says he and his family really enjoy music. They love listening to it and playing it and Mace says they've had great times with the piano but, unfortunately, they just couldn't keep it around anymore.

"Unfortunately, we don't really have the space for it," he said. "We had to sell it on consignment."

So Mace took the piano to Herman & Sons, also known as Washburn Piano Company, so they could sell his piano for him.

He signed a consignment agreement stating the company would keep 35 percent of the $10,000 selling price and would give him the balance of about $6,400.

"Once the piano is sold and delivered they have 30 days to pay the co-signer, which was us," he said.

Mace said his piano was sold in August and that 30 days have come and gone. In fact, Mace says he still doesn't have his money.

"I am chasing them down, making phone calls, going into the showrooms and getting absolutely nowhere!" Mace said.

Feeling desperate, Mace said he decided to contact 3 On Your Side.

"In these times I think $6,000-plus means a lot," Mace said.

We contacted Herman & Sons, which apologized for the delayed payment, adding that the sluggish economy is slowing down their payments to people like Mace.

But look what happened after we got involved. Mace says he finally received his check, a check he's been waiting more than three months to get.

The piano company did not want to talk to 3 On Your Side on camera about this matter and as for Mace, he says he's not quite sure what the slow economy has to do with getting his money, but he sure is happy to get that check after more than three months.