Hundreds of chihuahuas seized from puppy mill

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Valley rescue flooded

PHOENIX - Two hundred dogs were seized from a Colorado puppy mill and now dozens are recovering here in the Valley.

It is overwhelming local puppy rescue groups. AZ Chihuahua Rescue is already taking care of 200 foster dogs and now many more were added.

They are all pretty healthy, but have a lot to overcome before they can be adopted. The foster homes are already full.

Joyce Mercer, with AZ Chihuahua Rescue, explains, "Right now I have 21 fosters so I said, 'OK, just give me what you have to give me and we just make room'."

Mercer took in three more rescues over the weekend that had been seized from the puppy mill.

Several others have moved into Becky Miller's bathroom in Queen Creek. Miller also works with the AZ Chihuahua Rescue. They spend most of the time cowering behind her toilet. She says, "A lot of the time when you pick them up they're stiff and you're like, ' Relax relax'."

Many of the rescues are pregnant. They all have painful, long claws. Kennel cough is one problem and rotten teeth are another. Mercer says they have, "No teeth to hold the tongue in the mouth."

Nevertheless, the biggest issue they have to overcome before adoption is their fear of people. Mercer admits, "She bit me, bit my son. She's terrified."

It is up to the foster homes to help them adjust to their new lives, a process which can take from a few weeks to many months.

In that time they all have to be fed, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered so the rescue groups are in desperate need of donations.

They do have many dogs that are ready for adoption.

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