UPDATE: Barkley served his time, released from Tent City

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Time served

PHOENIX - After a weekend behind bars, Charles Barkley was released from Tent City just before 8 a.m. Monday, his sentence complete, said Lt. Brian Lee of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Barkley, who spent a total of about 36 hours in the jail after getting 12 hours of work release on Sunday, was housed in a separate tent from the other inmates for his safety, and meals were brought to him.

According to Lee, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Barkley was a model inmate.

The NBA All-Star started his DUI sentence at Tent City on Saturday. The former Phoenix Sun's player and TNT commentator split his between signing autographs for incarcerated fans and catching up on his reading.

Barkley said he would read two books while locked up, one on President Obama and the other on how to speak Spanish.

He seemed to take his sentence in stride. Despite the dreary ambiance, there were plenty of chuckles from Sir Charles.

Nevertheless, Barkley was not laughing back on Dec. 31, when he was arrested for drinking and driving. The former All-Star had just picked up a "female friend" before running the stop sign at a Scottsdale intersection. Surveillance video was later released from when he was pulled over.

Barkley pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor DUI charges. He said during a press conference at Tent City, "You come here when you screw up and I don't blame anybody but myself."

Barkley is in jail on a work release program so he can leave during the day and he gets to wear his own clothes. He also will not be forced to model Sheriff Joe Arpaio's famous pink underwear.

Barkley was originally sentenced to 10 days in jail. A judge reduced that sentence three day days after Barkley promised to attend an alcohol treatment program.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.