Auction house sells Gilbert man's car, but he hasn't received a nickel

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GILBERT -- A Gilbert man auctioned his car off more than a month ago but says he hasn't received his money from the auction house.

We're talking about $3,400.

Robert Maggianetti says he was supposed to get his money in 10 days, but after a month he still had not received a nickel.

"It was a '96 BMW convertible," Maggianetti said. "It was a cute little car.

Maggianetti loves cars and wanted to upgrade so he decided to have his BMW auctioned off at the International Classic Auctions in Gilbert.

"Once the car sells, then they take a percentage of the sale price, which was 7 percent, and then they're supposed to send you the difference," he said.

So Maggianetti paid the entry fee of $250 and put his car up.

The good news is it sold that day for just under $3,800, which meant Maggianetti was going to get around $3,400.

"According to their contract, 10 days later you receive payment," he said.

But after nearly a month Maggianetti says he never saw the money and every time he called he says he felt like he was getting the runaround.

So he contacted 3 On Your Side

"It's not brain surgery, it absolutely isn't, I just want what's entitled to me," Maggianetti said.

We contacted the president of the International Classic Auctions, Stanley Torgerson. He says the company always intended on paying Maggianetti.

"We've been doing it for 20 years and we've built up a great name and a great reputation," Torgerson said.

But he does acknowledge there may have been a delay in getting Maggianetti his money.

"Well, I'm sorry for his delay and we'd sure comp him an entry fee if he wants to come back the next time," Torgerson said.

As for Maggianetti, he couldn't be happier. He immediately got the check he's been waiting a month for and says he owes it to 3 On Your Side.

The president of the auction house says the employee who usually makes out checks and mails them out has been sick, which may be a reason for the delay.