Man waits months for RV gates to be installed

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APACHE JUNCTION -- An Apache Junction man says he paid a company thousands of dollars for RV gates to be made and installed, but months later he has nothing to show for his money.

So, he contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

The total purchase price was $4,000, but the contract indicated Roger Smith had to give the company two grand up front so they could start making those gates.

Well, after handing over $2,000 back in June, Smith says he doesn't have his gates and he claims the company is not calling him back.

Smith admits he has a lot going on in his backyard. So to hide his vintage Cadillacs, his garden and other ongoing projects, he built a block wall around his property.

The only thing left, Smith said, was to have several iron gates installed so he could get in and out of his backyard.

In June, Smith hired a company called Distinctive Iron to fabricate a 16-foot sliding gate for this entry, a 12-foot gate for another area and a 4-foot gate located near the front.

The cost was $4,000 and he even gave the company $2,000 in advance to get started.

"Prior to leaving, I was feeling like they were actually going to follow through," Smith said.

But Smith claims Distinctive Iron did not follow through and he still has nothing to show for his money.

"I feel very definitely like I got ripped and that's why I called you," Smith told 3 On Your Side.

And here's the other problem, Smith said this company has not called him back one single time out of the four months.

It's time to find out what was going on so we went to Distinctive Iron.

An employee immediately remembered Smith's order and then put us in contact with the company's manager.

The manager told us on the phone that Smith's gates were nearly completed and even had another employee take us back to show us.

The employee told 3 On Your Side that some big, sliding iron gates were Smith's. In fact, one had Smith's name attached to it.

The company says their iron gates are handmade and just take time to fabricate.

They dispute they haven't talked to Smith but regardless, Distinctive Iron says his gates will be delivered and installed any day now, which is good news for Smith, who says he was never told the project would take this long.

"I get pretty angry, but then what can you really do about it?" Smith said.

Distinctive Iron is actually a pretty big outfit. They say the gates take a lot of time to make and they have been waiting for a part to arrive. Now that the part has arrived, they are ready for Smith's installation.

3 On Your Side talked to Smith late Thursday afternoon and he is thrilled the gates are finally being installed and says 3 On Your Side was instrumental in getting things done.