75 Pups euthanized each day due to rising foreclosures

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Local pet store steps up to help

PHOENIX - Foreclosures in Arizona are still on the rise and for some that means losing their pet as well as their home.

One Valley pet store owner is trying to help. According to some reports, between 3,000 and 4,000 dogs are euthanized in Maricopa County each month, some of those animals are victims of foreclosure.

Now a pet store owner in Scottsdale wants to save some of those dogs, one pup at a time. They can easily steal your heart, but the cuties can also break your heart.

Each day more than 75 puppies and full-grown dogs are euthanized by Maricopa County's Animal Control.

Kim Sobotka says, "It's very hard very depressing to know that there's 800 animals being killed every week." She has puppies of her own to worry about at her Scottsdale Posh Puppy pet store. She sells pure breeds that fetch top dollar but that is all about to change.

"I'm gonna save some dogs' lives. I'm gonna do the right thing here at the posh puppy store." She says doing the right thing means replacing the puppy mill purebreds with good ol' mutts from the pound.

Aprille Hollis says the county is thrilled with Posh Puppies plans and the price is perfect.

To make up for lost revenue, Sobatka hopes the adoption program will encourage more customers to shop her store.

Even if money gets tight, giving these furry faces a chance is enough reward.

If you would like to know how to adopt a homeless dog from the Posh Puppy pet store , or from Maricopa County, .

Three Petco stores in the Valley also work with the county adopting out cats and kittens.