Robbers caught on tape as employee recalls scary hold-up

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RAW: Robbery caught on tape

PHOENIX - With guns blazing several men took all they could from a Valley dollar store.

3TV spoke with one of the store employees who actually quit his job the day the robbery took place.

The man tells 3TV it was like the scene out of a movie, a movie they caught all on tape.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon inside a dollar store on Camelback and 20th Avenue this employee, who we will call Drew, was hard at work, that is until two young men walked into his store.

The business 'surveillance camera' caught it on tape as the suspects waved their semi-automatic guns with their hands on the trigger.

Drew says they started screaming orders in Spanish and English. They said, "This is a hold-up. Get down on the floor or we will blow your brains out!"

On the ground, one suspect forced Drew and his co-worker to empty the cash register and their wallets. He then made the co-worker open the safe but once the suspects had stolen all the cash they simply left.

Nevertheless, they also left their faces all over video.

So now Drew says he is carefully counting on his gut to warn him every time someone new walks into the store.

Police tell 3TV someone surely must recognize the suspects on the video. If so, they are asking them to call Phoenix police.