Pain-free dentistry

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A new tool may help take the pain out of going to the dentist and water is the key.

Simply Dentistry in Scottsdale uses the Waterlase MD

"In the past few years I never go because I'm not too fond of going to the dentist," Loan Nguyen said. "It's painful. All the shots, all the lidocaine and those injections are really painful so I just didn't go for about two to three years."

Well, after getting the courage to go back to the dentist, Nguyen found it to be less painful when a new tool called the Waterlase MD was used.

"There's no downtime, no food restrictions, and I could be done as soon as possible and I actually got it done three days before the wedding," Nguyen said.

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That's right, three days before her wedding last November, Nguyen had her gummy smile fixed. In a procedure that could be painful and require a lot of downtime, this wasn't the case.

"She walked out of the office pain free," Dr. Bicky Tran said. "Three days later, she got married no problems whatsoever."

Tran at Simply Dentistry in Scottsdale uses the Waterlase MD in her practice. It's a device that uses laser energy combined with water.

"How I would like to relate it to? It's the same as putting a Band-Aid with Neosporin on an open wound with a laser," Tran said.

"It decontaminates the area again so the healing time is a lot quicker," Tran explained. "And the way it removes tissue, it's not the traditional cutting method, so it's breaking down the tissue very slowly and it basically consulates all of the area so you don't have all of this bleeding and you don't need sutures."

Tran says the Waterlase MD also eliminates the use of shots and drills.

It's not just for extensive procedures like Nguyen's. It can be used to fix small cavities and even do root canals.

"Not only does it cut through smaller cavities and tissue, it also decontaminates my working field," Tran said. "So if I'm doing a root canal, what we're essentially doing is we're removing the bacteria in the canal of a tooth with the laser. I can also kill all of the bacteria without having to use antibiotics."

Nguyen couldn't believe how she felt after it was done.

"There was no bleeding and no pain and I went back to my usual diet," she said. "I brushed my teeth and flossed the usual routine and I didn't have any problem at all."

Now, the Waterlase MD can't be used for every procedure, but Tran says no matter what fear you have, when it comes to the dentist, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

"It's OK to come to the dentist," Tran said. "It's not what it used to be. Whatever your fears are everyone is going to be different, whether it's the noise or the shot itself, there's always a solution."

As always, check with your own dentist about what's best for you.