More arrests in prostitution ring known as 'Desert Divas'

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More arrests in major prostitution bust

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PHOENIX - Dozens more suspects have been identified in a major Valley prostitution bust.

This is the second wave of arrests in the so-called 'Desert Divas' operation. Around a dozen women, ranging in age from 19 to 47 are part of this new wave of Desert Divas arrests. One of them was a county jail guard.

In addition to these women facing money laundering and prostitution charges, Phoenix police also arrested others involved in the operation. Sgt. Tommy Thompson says, "The photog was involved in producing advertisements to further this organization."

Four men called VIP customers have also been indicted for helping. Police say they had spent time with the prostitutes, evaluate their performance on the escort website.

The VIP customers' entries are too explicit to explain any further. Lt. John Collins explains, "They were rating them in the erotic review. Special customers getting special prices and helping promote and they were doing a good business."

It is estimated they were raking in around $250,000 month. The ringleader lived in a Paradise Valley home

Officers made a first round of arrests last August, followed up by the dozens more announced on Friday.

Police say they are still going through the Desert Divas computer records and more arrests could follow.