UPDATE:Man accused of selling firearms to cartels acquitted

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Gun store owner acquitted

UPDATE on 3/18: The jury has aquitted George Iknadosian on charges related to selling weapons.

ORIGINAL: PHOENIX - The trial began Monday for a Valley gun store owner accused of knowingly selling weapons to be smuggled across the border and directly into the hands of powerful Mexican drug cartels.

It was an arsenal fit for a small army for an army of drug lords. ATF agents say that is where the guns may have ended up had they not stopped it in a May 2008 raid on the X-Calibur gun store in north Phoenix.

The shop's owner, Egyptian native George Iknadosian, was arrested on the spot.

Iknadosian is now on trial because ATF agents say some of the weapons used in deadly border shootings were traced back to his store. He is accused of operating a criminal syndicate, forgery, money laundering and fraud and has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Simon Wallace, manager at Arizona Tactical Firearms in Tempe, says that while he is very strict about who he does business with, he also knows smugglers are savvy and can get around the system.

Wallace explains, "If they're a private sale or something like a gun show or somebody has a whole collection they want to get rid of and post it in the newspaper or online, that's when you can end up in a situation with firearms that are relatively untraceable."

According to the ATF, roughly 90% of the weapons smuggled across the border come from the United States, including California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.