Suspect attempts to rob armored car driver, gets empty bag

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Police discuss robbery attempt

UNCUT: Police discuss armored car robbery - Police say a suspect wearing all black clothing attempted to rob an armored car driver at a Phoenix Fry's store.

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PHOENIX -- Phoenix police officers are searching for a suspect who attempted to rob an armored car driver Wednesday morning.

The armed suspect attempted to rob the Loomis employee inside the Fry's store at 67th Avenue and Indian School Road.

Lt. Cheryl Gipson-Thurman said the suspect appeared to be waiting around for the driver to service the ATM machine. The suspect knocked the driver down and tried to take his gun, but was unsuccessful.

He grabbed a money bag from the driver and went out the back of the store.

According to Officer James Holmes, the bag was empty.

No shots were fired in the incident.

The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 30 years old, with a pocked-mark face, wearing all black clothing.

Officers were checking the area for the suspect.