Light Rail involved in first wreck with red-light runner

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PHOENIX -- A 78-year-old woman suffered minor injuries Tuesday morning in an accident involving the new Light Rail.

First reported light rail wreck vs. car

It happened shortly before 10:30 a.m., at 24th and Washington streets, and involved a car and one of the Light Rail trains.

The woman who was hurt reportedly was not transported to the hospital, she was just a bit shaken up.

This is the first reported incident involving the Light Rail.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson said the woman was driving an Oldsmobile when she ran a red light and collided with the train at a low speed.

After two years of construction, the Light Rail has been undergoing extensive testing in recent weeks.

In conjunction with that testing, the city had launched a public awareness safety campaign to educate people about the new transit system and the traffic changes it brings.

The Light Rail is slated to officially open to passengers on Dec. 27.

Google map of the area