Phoenix police investigating death of 7-year-old girl

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Police looking for clues in gir's death

PHOENIX - Police are investigating a child death at an apartment complex near Glendale and 27th Avenue.

According to Phoenix police, around 6:30 a.m. officers responded to the apartment complex where they found a seven-year-old black female dead.

The child was being watched by the mother's fiance at his apartment he lives in with his daughter.

According to police, the girl's mother, who doesn't live at this address, also has a son.

Apparently the mother dropped her two kids off at the fiance's house because she works nights.

When the fiance went to wake the little girl up this morning she was unresponsive.

Initial reports indicate the girl had head injuries.

Police are also investigating the mother's home where the victim and her mother and brother are believed to have lived. Police are executing a search warrant at this location.

Phoenix police said it is undetermined at this time if any foul play is involved.