30-Year-old murder cold case solved, suspect indicted

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Cold case solved by detectives

The following news release was sent by Scottsdale Police and the County Attorney's Office:

SCOTTSDALE - County Attorney Andrew Thomas and the Scottsdale Police Department announced today that Jon Benson (DOB 10/29/63) has been indicted and arrested on a count of Second Degree Murder for the 1978 death of 14-year-old Greg Holman. The teen disappeared in 1978 and according to Scottsdale Police he was last seen with Benson who was also 14-years-old at the time. Scottsdale Police investigated the disappearance for years. In December 1992 police discovered the victim's remains buried in the back yard of the Scottsdale home the defendant lived at in 1978. In 2006, the Scottsdale Police Department's newly formed Cold Case Team re-opened the case. It was resubmitted to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. It was then reviewed by a veteran team of prosecutors who decided to move ahead with the case. On October 23, 2008 a grand jury indicted Benson on a single count of Second Degree Murder. Benson is currently in prison in Florence for luring a minor for sexual exploitation at a Phoenix park.

A suspect in another cold case from Scottsdale has also been indicted. Steven Scoutten (DOB 9/14/55) is charged with First Degree Murder for the 1986 killing of Dwayne Nutt. The case was turned down for prosecution at the time. New advances in DNA evidence enabled Scottsdale Police to re-submit the case.

Veteran prosecutors reviewed the evidence and determined there is sufficient evidence to move ahead.

On October 22, 2008 a grand jury indicted Scoutten on a single count of First Degree Murder. Deputy County Attorney Bob Shutts is prosecuting both Benson and Scoutten. Thomas stated, "These indictments are a testament to the dedicated prosecutors in this office and the dedicated investigators at the Scottsdale Police Department who understand that all victims deserve

justice, no matter how long ago their loved ones were killed."< /p>

Scottsdale Police Lt Craig Chrzanowski stated, "Detectives from the Scottsdale Police Department Cold Case team see the job of bringing these killers to justice as a solemn duty. They realize that justice is owed not only to the deceased victim, but to the family and friends left behind."

Advances in DNA science have enabled prosecutors and police to revive what are commonly called cold cases. The County Attorney's Office has responded to these advances by bringing more of these cases to trial and convicting the defendants. Earlier this year Clarence Wayne Dixon (DOB 8/26/55) was sentenced to death for the 1978 murder of an ASU Student. Also this year, Robert Ortloff received a life sentence for the 1984 murder of Kathleen Smith in Tempe.