Man says vehicle was damaged by car wash employee

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GILBERT -- A Valley man says his custom automobile was damaged by a car wash employee so he contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

He says the car wash employee ruined his car, but that is not what the car wash is telling 3 On Your Side.

The name of the business is Danny's Car Wash. They're a pretty big outfit with locations all over the Valley.

They say they're always anxious to fix any customer concerns, but this is one claim that is out of their hands.

"I'm a one-of-a-kind connoisseur whether it's a one-of-a-kind car or it's a one-of-a-kind boat," Martin Aiono said.

Aiono loves his toys, especially his 2005 Chrysler 300.

"This is my baby," he said. "I've been through cars before, but this is a one-of-a-kind 300!"

He says it's so unique it's even been featured in several magazines and car shows where he can show off the vehicle's hydraulics.

And the hydraulic system, which can raise and lower the vehicle with a switch, is the very reason he takes his Chrysler 300 and all of his cars to a Danny's Car Wash in Gilbert where they can be hand washed.

"My cars get hand washed and detailed as well as my boat so I'd say [it's been] over a year that I've been coming over here," he said.

But on Aiono's last trip to Danny's, he claims something happened to his Chrysler 300.

Aiono claims one of the car wash employees was playing with his hydraulic switch, lowered the vehicle and then drove with the car tilted, causing the damage.

Aiono says a car wash manager was standing right there when it happened.

"One of the workers was playing with the hydraulics and lowered it to one side and he turned around and said, 'Hey, stop playing with them," Aiono said.

Aiono says the manager told him to leave his car and they would see what could be done, but weeks later, Aiono says Danny's Car Wash gave him bad news.

"They got the estimate and they just said because it's a custom car, they're not going to take any responsibility," Aiono said.

Now, during our interview, the manager who reportedly witnessed the accident when it happened came outside and, in front of our camera, denied ever seeing his employee cause the damage.

3 On Your Side later met with the general manager of Danny's Car Wash, who insisted that not only did they not cause the damage, but he says surveillance video proves Aiono caused the damage himself.

"He gets in his car, opens his door you see him drop it twice and then he goes around and takes a look at it," he said. Aiono claims he was only leveling the vehicle and was making sure it was at the proper height and that's when the video shows him noticing the damage.

Besides, Aiono says he never would have brought a "made-up complaint" to 3 On Your Side if he had caused the damage.

Even though Danny's Car Wash says it did not cause the damage, they tell 3 On Your Side that their main focus is always customer service, and because of that, they will agree to pay for half the damage.

As for Aiono, he appreciates Danny's Car Wash meeting him at least halfway, but he says considering all the money he has spent over the years using Danny's Car Wash, he still believes they should foot the entire bill.

"I'd like for them to step up and take care of it -- all of it," Aiono said.

And just how much is the damage? According to one estimate, it's around $1,800. That means Danny's Car Wash is willing to pay around $900, but again, they still maintain they didn't cause the damage.