DUI driver busted 5 times over legal limit...again

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SCOTTSDALE - Police say a guy was busted for driving under the influence, but it was nothing ordinary. The suspect was driving with a blood alcohol level five times the legal limit. 3TV has uncovered some shocking new details about the man.


DUI driver 5X legal limit...again - azfamily.com's Kristine Harrington reports a man police say was driving extremely drunk has a record of DUI arrests in Scottsdale.

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He is accused of extreme DUI and, as 3TV learned Thursday, this is not the first time he has been busted. In fact, he has been booked in Scottsdale before.

Scottsdale Police say they arrested 37-year-old Doron Sears on Wednesday around 1 p.m. for extreme DUI.

Officers stopped the truck near the Valley Ho and said they smelled the odor of alcohol.

Officers also say they found an open container in the truck. Sears took a series of field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer test. His breath test registered at .40 and that is about five times the legal limit.

Sears has been pulled over by Scottsdale police before. 3TV obtained court documents showing a conviction for extreme DUI in 2003. He served time in jail and had an ignition lock installed on his car.

According to his biography, Sears is a native Arizonan re-located to Colorado in 2007 where he owns a Max Muscle franchise. He is a certified fitness nutrition specialist who is, once again, charged with extreme DUI.

3TV tried reaching Sears but his voice mail box is full. He is out on bond but faces many extreme DUI charges pending the results of blood tests.