Pickup truck plows into back of semi, driver admits drinking

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MESA -- A wreck caused by an alleged drunk driver has put one man in the hospital.

Driver reportedly admitted drinking

It happened around 10 p.m. Thursday near Ellsworth and Warner roads in Mesa.

According to police, a semi driver had left his rig with the hazard lights on to make a delivery.

A short time later, a man in a pickup truck slammed into the back of the semi.

The truck driver reportedly admitted to investigators that he had been drinking. Witnesses said they saw the truck weaving before the wreck.

According to police, there were no skid marks and no indication that the driver tried to stop before plowing into the back of the rig.

The pickup truck driver suffered serious, potentially life-threatening injuries and air-lifted to taken to the hospital.

The driver of the semi was away from his rig when the pickup slammed into it and was not hurt.